About Consumer Discounts

Consumer Discounts is an independent newsletter that crawls the internet for historic deals, discounts, and blowouts. The idea behind Consumer Discounts came from a practical point of view. There are thousands of amazing deals out there across the internet on everything from bed sheets to backpacks. Deals that occur maybe only once in the lifecycle of a product.  We aim to capture those deals and send them to you quickly.

What kinds of product deals do you send?

Our product lists are categorically open.  Generally speaking however, we focus on the home, clothing, convenience, outdoors, electronics, and cosmetics. Importantly, we do not limit ourselves. Whenever we find a historically low deal, and we know it's something special, we jump on it.

Is it free?  What's in it for you?

Consumer Deals is free for subscribers. Our business model is as simple as the deals we send to you. Occasionally, (not always) we will be able to include affiliate links in our product lists when it makes sense to do so. We capture a small % of the sale, and thus are able to keep our lights on.

What else does Consumer Discounts do?

Right now, we are just a simple newsletter.  However, we have alot of ambitious plans for the future.

Join our list!

We would love to have you!  And what's the risk?  If you don't like our emails you can unsubscribe with one click.  Join Consumer Discounts today.

Consumer Discounts will be coming out of beta on October 23rd and most subscribers will not receive any emails until after October 23rd.