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Consumer Discounts is free for all those who want to subscribe.  By subscribing via email, you are given full access to our deals and discounts.

How can I tell others about Consumer Discounts?

We would love to have you spread the word about us!  The best way to tell others about Consumer Discounts is by sharing the link on social media along with why you think others should be subscribing. Then again, good old fashion word-of-mouth is also highly recommended.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel simply by unsubscribing from an email that you receive.  We only want you if you want us. If you do decide to unsubscribe, we would love to know why so we can do better.

What else does my membership get me?

Of course our main offering is our daily deals email.  Secondarily, we occasionally get exclusive access to new products or get discounts purely for you.  We include those in our 'featured' section when we have them.  Importantly, we do not take all offer that come our way, our dedication to quality still remains.