Consumer Discount Coming Out of Beta

Consumer Discount has been in private beta since April of 2023.  Since that time, we have achieved over 5,000 loyal subscribers and tons of positive feedback. Some negative too, if we're honest, which we have worked diligently to make better.

At this point, we are comfortable opening Consumer Discounts to the public and those that sign up can expect to start seeing emails on October 30th. For those of you that have been included in the private beta, you will continue to receive emails as always.

We were hoping to build in personalization before we opened to the public, but it's not quite right yet.  No matter, we will keep hammering away on it.  In the meantime, the existing mailings have been so successful for our subscribers that we feel like now is the time.

As of now, anyone can subscribe and the deals start flowing every day.  Welcome to Consumer Discounts.

Consumer Discounts is not a website, it's a newsletter. Subscribe for daily deals... it's free!